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Students Comments

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Below are a few comments made by students over the years - all taken from the end-of-course evaluation forms:

  • 'So many things that I hadn't considered - it was very thought provoking.'

  • 'Can't imagine how anyone could succeed in their own business without doing a course like this.'

  • 'Fantastic value.'

  • 'The course was better than expected.'

  • 'No improvement needed - thank you.'

  • 'Very good - it told me exactly what I wanted to know.'

  • 'Exceeded expectations.'

  • 'No improvement necessary, a great course.'

  • 'This course makes you realise the practicalities you should consider before embarking on an expensive dream.'

  • 'Told me everything I needed to know.'

  • 'I have more confidence and feel better armed with my future.'

  • 'Enjoyed myself a lot and learnt a great deal.'

  • 'Fantastic course.'

  • 'The course could be longer so you could go into more detail.'

  • 'Much better than anticipated.'

  • 'Very good course / feel much better prepared / Andrew was very good.'

  • 'I've learnt a great deal.'

  • 'It's been much better than expected.'

  • 'Excellent, knowledgeable, organised tutor.'

  • 'Very good.'

  • 'This course has been extremely useful and excellent value for money.'

  • 'An absolute bargain.'

  • 'Very enjoyable course - lots of inspirations & confidence gained as well as useful contacts.'

  • 'The tutor was good & had huge amounts of information to help with a small business. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting up.'

  • 'Excellent course, delivered in a clear and helpful way. I feel much more confident now in attempting to start my own business. Would highly recommend.'

  • 'I enjoyed the course and it helped me review my ideas.'

  • 'Extremely good course, especially the Marketing and PR section.'

  • 'Really good tutor - he explains and educates very well.'

  • 'The course was extremely informative.'

  • 'For people who have no idea and are starting from scratch, this is an excellent course.'

  • 'Andrew gave good, sound advice, and I've learned a lot.'

  • 'Andrew is very knowledgeable and although I've read around this subject, I've still learnt a lot.'

  • 'I really enjoyed this course and learnt lots.'

  • 'Andrew helped me to rationalise my ideas and structure my thoughts to the things I need to do.'

  • 'Great course, well designed, with sections in the right order.'

  • 'Would recommend this course to others'

  • 'Recommended for people who are thinking of starting out on their own'

  • 'Thanks a million Andrew for the course content and delivery'

  • 'Excellent course - covered a wide range of topic areas - each one highlighted important areas to consider'

  • 'Excellent course, extremely helpful, encouraging & very relevant'

  • Thank you so much for the best value for money course & for covering topics I could not have found for this cost anywhere else'

  • 'The course was lively, interesting and very useful'

  • 'The course was very good''

  • 'Thank you Andrew - I enjoyed the course and it helped give me the information I needed to make the leap!'

  • 'Andrew is a fantastic tutor and always willing to help'

  • 'The tutor is very articulate and welcoming with lots of knowledge and skills'

  • 'Thought provoking & stimulating. I feel I am now well informed and confident about putting my plans into practice. Thank you.'

  • 'Andrew was very nice and very enthusiastic'
  • 'Gave me answers to questions I hadn't even thought of.'


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