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Some business don't need Marketing.
Will your business be one of them?

Will your business thrive on word-of-mouth?

Will you never give Marketing a thought?
Or will you have to worry about Marketing?

Or do you think 'Marketing' is just a new word for Selling? (It isn't.)

Will you need marketing?
Will you need to constantly find new customers?
Will you have to improve the way you supply goods or services that customers want?
How will you communicate with prospective customers?
Will you have to think about promoting your business?
Will you need leaflets and brochures?
Will you need to use 'paid for' advertising?
Will you know how much your Marketing will cost you?

We will cover all of these areas on the course. But we'll also cover an excellent way of getting good 'exposure' for your business - that won't cost you a penny. Just your time. (You'll have time to practice your new skills in the class.)


© Andrew Gadd
Created: February 2007
revised August 2012

Grateful thanks to Chris for
proof reading & Petra for too many suggestions to count ...

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